TV Licence

If you are looking for a guides on the best methods of dealing with TV Licence, you have come to the right place.

Over the past 5 years, we have researched enough data about TV Licence that we are confident to offer our support guide.

Lets break it down then.

There are two major categories when getting TV Licence support. Phone calls, or Email.

Method 1: Calling TV Licence Support

  1. TV Licence phone numbers can be found on their contact page.
  2. When calling, please remember to have as little background noise as possible, people on the TV Licence helpline will find it harder to understand you, if they can’t hear you.
  3. It may take some time to get through to them on the phone. If the TV Licence support line has an expected wait time of over 10 minutes, we suggest you hang up the call and try again later – unless urgent.
  4. Once you are finally onto a support member from TV Licence departments, we suggest being polite and asking how their day is going. A smile is what makes them work harder for you.
  5. Speak clearly and firmly when on the phone. The more they can understand the better.
  6. If you are struggling to hear the TV Licence support team, do not be afraid to ask them to speak louder.

Method 2: Emailing TV Licence Support

  1. To email TV Licence support is simple.
  2. First, go onto the TV Licence contact page. You can search this on your favourite engine.
  3. Once on that, you will either see a contact form, or an email address.
  4. If a contact form – when filled in, you will generally receive an automated emailing confirming receipt of your use on the contact form.
  5. If email, used your desired client to fill in an email and send it to the address.

If there is anything further we can provide you help with, do not be afraid to contact us, on our own contact pages form.